I dont fuckin understand you dumb motherfuckers bangin on the net? However, there are some East Coast Crips located outside of South Central, such as the 190 East Coast Crips (Carson, California) and the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips (Riverside, California). Take care Buddy. CRACCER ASS MFR STR8 UP 6ITCH EVER 6ENN RAPED 6Y A GANG OF NIGGAS WHO PACC 14 DICCS , fuCC you fuCCin racistk a$$ people we need tko learn hkoW tko gketk alongk witkhk one anotkhker itk$ notk gk60d for us blaCCs tko notk gketk alongk witkhk one anotkhker itk doesntk make sense for us blaCCs and whkitkes and evken mexiCans notk tko gketk aloongk its all nonsense, A rocco whites & black lets unite against the wetbacks im down for that, You black ass niggas gotta unite against the mexicans. I always keep it 100. The aftermath of this war, left gangs choosing Deuces . NO OTHER RACE IS AS UGLY AS A MEXICAN. Why? East Coast Crips are cliqued up with all Neighborhood Crip gangs and they make up the Roller Coaster car. You can continue to fuck it up and shit in the streets for the next 500 years for all I care. Be productive or creative just do something trust me 40 comes around faster than you can count and soon youll be like a lot of us, 2 strikes no job, no home, no family and no one to help you so you go back to the pen man fuck all that shit life is too good to waste it on bangin over a fuckin color or area you dont even own. South East Black gangs. 714 OC WHERE ANYBODY AND THEY MOMMA LEAVES IN A BAG. Other Blood rivals include the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods (located to the far north/east of their turf), Harvard Park Brims, Van Ness Gangster Brims, Fruit Town Brims, Center View Piru, Athens Park Bloods, the Be-Bop Watts Bishop Bloods and the Family Swan Bloods. I gang bang so i see the struggle of the people in the lifestyle. 1st street holding on but they barely active, alot of different gangs moved in on their hood.. 1 R.I.P. December 31, 2002. All the gangs are either with them or against them and even though ECC has many sets, if a hood beefs with one ECC set, they beef with all ECC sets. Who in the fuck is going to listen to an illiterate Nigger like you. Thats what its all about, you stupid Asshole. They live even worse than the trailer park trash whites. Im quite sure blacks on this site can ABSOLUTELY care less about him liking hispanics more. Officers of the Hempstead Village (N.Y.) Police Department actually patrol two cities. Vous tes ici : churro cart rental bay area; circuit courts are also known as; east coast crip territory map . Other Blood rivals include the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods . The East Coast Crips are also known to feud with fellow crip gangs such as the Broadway Gangster Crips, Mafia Crips, Kitchen Crips, and the Grape Street Crips. yes CeCause my parents have plenty of money Can afford some of the finer things in life and I have a support system so whenever I get kiCCed out of my apartment or when I go to jail and get out I got somewhere to go instead of ending up homeless and on the street.FKUCC you anonymous and fuCC your prostituting,hoe,street walker,and harlot mother too.And it looks like you left out a lot of details to all the strange men on this website that trying to impress.And sinCe I dont know your real name I will just refer to as the queer guy known as queer ron brown.I guy you must really C a over the top,rainbow Coalition,flamboyant,flaming,homosexual who works really hard to impress a bunCh of men who you dont even know and try to get everybody on your side,I dont need everybody on my side you tutti fruity looking limp wrist sissy.And look fool Im going to set trip on you every time I C one of your post CeCause your a dKiru,your a faggot,and your mother doesnt make a lot of money or live in a house you off brand Curgundy flag wearing busta. Fuck cheese toast craps hope the fx3 still giving ya`ll the blues fucking monkeys hate yall with a passion fucking lazy slaves.. MSX13 killing all fag 13 and 18th street!!! You misspelled Our and instead said Or. Login . The Majority East Coast Crips are located in South Central, Los Angeles. The doors of the Innocence High School opened in 1905, this is a four-year public High School on the Westside of South Central, Los Santos home of some of the most famous Basketball players. Your wrong bro!! I will be releasing my 700 gangs map real soon. We dont want that filthy shit here. The 6-pacc 62-66-68-69 is the deepest because their hoods are right by each other, so its basically one big ECC turf and along with 59, they battle the low bottom enemies. If your culture was so fucking successful you wouldnt be here and I would not be typing this. First off just let me say that i read the back and forth between you Sgt Marina and that other guy on the Eight Trey Gangster site. Despite their affiliations, it should be noted that the East Coast Crips have long standing relationships with gangs falling under the Gangster Crips or Tray(3x) card as well such as the 4 Pacc Crips, 73 Gangster Crips, 87 Gangster Crips and 97 Gangster Crips. Bro when you saynow if your putting in work thats all hood and if your not contributing to the gang community in a positive way, please explain what you mean!! Let them or him waste their time this is not a site for racist war fare dont respond to him or them take or site back black boycott rocco and them a.k.a. However, the Mexicans that are here LEGALLY are not that big of a problem. In fact, who knows how many goats and chickens they have living in the house with them? in North East Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights (LHTS) gang in Northeast Los Angeles, California, Lowell Street Locos | Northeast Los Angeles, Temple Street 52nd Tokers South Los Angeles, Varrio Junior Mafia (107th Street) in South Los Angeles, Clanton 14th Street East Side The Original Hood, Hickory Street Watts | Varrio Hickory Street, Varrio Junior Mafia near Imperial Highway, Barrio Small Town Long Beach, California, Mid City Stoners Long Beach, California, 23rd Street Trefts Long Beach, California, The City of Bell, California Hispanic gangs, Hacienda Heights, California Hispanic gangs, Santa Clarita, California Hispanic gangs, Redondo Beach, California Hispanic Gangs, Santa Fe Springs, California Hispanic Gangs, Santa Monica, California Hispanic Gangs, Varrio Choppers 12 Midnight East LA / City of Commerce, Varrio Eastside King Kobras in East Los Angeles, West Rancho Dominguez (formerly Athens) -Unincorporated Los Angeles, Florence (Unincorporated Los Angeles County), Varrio Lennox (LNX) in Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Bell Gardens, California Hispanic gangs, Canyon Country, California Hispanic gangs, City of Commerce, California Hispanic gangs, Choppers 12 in the City of Commerce (Bandini Side), City of Industry, California Hispanic gangs, Hawaiian Gardens, California Hispanic Gangs, Huntington Park, California Hispanic street gangs, Freddie Fuiavas opening brief, death penalty appeal, Freddy Fuivas Oct 31, 2011 supplemental brief, Monterey Park, California Hispanic Gangs, Westmont (Unincorporated), South Los Angeles, 99 Evil Klan (EK) in Westmont (Unincorporated LA County), Night Crawlers (NC) in Westmont (South Los Angeles), South Side Locos in Westmont, South Los Angeles, Baldwin Park, California Hispanic gangs, Street gangs in San Francisco, California, Eastside Four Deuce Gangster Crips (42 GC), Four Tray Gangster Crips (43 GC), Eastside LA, Grape Street Watts Crips South Los Angeles | Jordan Downs | Baby Locos, Home Boys Crimino Gang in the West LA area, 65 Menlo Gangster Crips in South Los Angeles, Venice ShoreLine Crips in West Los Angeles in Oakwood Community, 46 Neighbor Hood Crips (46 NHC of South LA), NeighborHood Rollin 50s Crips, 55, 57 & 58 in South Los Angeles, California, 67 NeighborHood Crips in South Los Angeles, Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips | OHC | Rollin 30s, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips | RFCG | NH R. 40s Crips, Rollin 60s NeighborHood Crips in Los Angeles, California Hyde Park area, Richard Lloyd Boo Roc 2 Brewer Jr., RIP, Earl Dog, aka Lil Looney, aka Ripper, RIP, RIP Crafty 3, Antonio Riley ( Aug. 27,2013), Shady Huc aka Hucc-A-Bucc 5, RIP ( 2013), 90s Westcoast Crips in South Los Angeles, California, Crip gangs in the Mid City / Town of Los Angeles, Crip Gangs on the Westside of South Los Angeles, Crips gangs on Eastside of South Los Angeles, Crip Gangs in the West Los Angeles section of LA, Top Dolla Hustler Crip, 46 (TDHC) of South Los Angeles, Four Pacc Crips car alliance (42, 43 & 48), Original Westside Crips of South Los Angeles, 73 (Seven Tray) Gangster Crips (Eastside), The Original East Side Crips by Raymond Washington, Altadena Blocc Crip (ABC) in Altadena, California, Crip Gangs in West Athens, Unincorporated Los Angeles County, 111 Neighbor Hood Crips in South Los Angeles. 11 OF US WORK FOR THE SAME UNION BITCH.. NO NEED TO BRAGG ABOUT THAT IM BLESSED!! It is the lowest form of culture. YEAH LOW EARS MOTHER FUCKERS. REAL TALK dwayne GROW UP!! Blood, Crip, Hoover, Piru, and Sureno gangs. Its Nigger against Nigger. Second, are the 59 East Coast Crips, which was founded on 59th Street and Hooper . So why is it OK if for every spic in Juarez to decide to break our laws and then the liberals think we should applaud them for it? 6), The most active Blood gang in Los Angeles history | Streets & Scholars (EP52), Madd Ronald explains why he accepted a 5-year deal in Georgia RICO case (EP46), County jail & Tory Lanez, Dr. Dre sues Majorie, robber does last robbery | Streets & Scholars (EP48), Can African immigrants and Black Americans work together? It is unfortunate that you see the black community this way but I am a man who loves America and am a God fearing man. The alliance between the East Coast Crips and their Gangster Crip allies is referred to as the "Movin' Coast to Coast" alliance. Media appearances Kiss your children. CRAZY GANGSTERS CLIKA FUCK CHESSE TOAST COOKIE CRAB GANG NAPPYHEADSK 40K 42K 43K 48K AVONK GUMSK SISISK SNOOVERK ALL CRABKILLING 187, Fucc all you Hating ass Mexicants you just Mad bkecause Your Women like Bkig Bklack Dicc and thats something you dont have Thats On Kelly Park, Nobody want your dirty black azz aids having dick nigger go take a shower you smell like shit SSF13, cheese toast come out and play fools stop hideing this florencia 13 gang pussys stop wall banging and internet banging we keep coming thru yall hideing; stop it punks we going after rollin 60$ next ck bk nk mexican mafia. But do not come here and ruin my country with your animal behavior, Cholo. Cheese toast killer all cheese killer putos fuck lil skull 187, That Mexican Klan fagg is talking way to much One comment good enough It aint even about race f13 have close black homies Its mostly nothing but love out here Its the ones at home that try to be all nigger k . rocco hes dying sissy. The gang community is a bunch of small neighborhoods that have their own little gang of Niggers in each one that Rape, Rob, Sell Drugs and hunt to kill other Niggers. You sound like White Trash to me. Allegedly,the East Coast Crips robbed a Florencia 13 drug connection of a large quantity of dope. Marina. Many of the gangs that joined the East Coast Crips alliance had already existed since the early 1970s under different names, such as the Q102 Towne Street Boys and the 69 Shack Boys so even though 62nd Street may be one of the first sets to put East Coast on it, they are not the oldest of the East Coast Car. What does east coast crips mean? Feb 24, 2022 35 Dislike Share Turf Activator 481 subscribers The West Coast Crips territory borders are Interstate 94 (North), Interstate 5 (South & West) & Interstate 15 (East). Thats it. Ghetto Anger Notorious Gangstas DVD, Crippin The History of the West Coast Crips DVD, Superfly: The True, Untold Story of Frank Lucas DVD, Gangsta Chronicles: Documentary of Calvin Klien Bacote DVD, Infamous Times The Original 50 Cent DVD, Donnies Story The Life of Donald Goines DVD, AS IS Presents The Larry Hoover Story DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. You like your low-rent prehistoric culture? And we let these disgusting people work in our restaurants. They jump the fence down at the border like Pedro the Mexican Jumping Bean. junio 16, 2022 . Nobody cares about what happened one time 150 years ago. He cant help it. Gang Member Freed After Serving Eight Years For Murdering Carson Woman When he Was 13, Appeals Court Upholds Conviction in Gang Murder, https://www.rapdict.org/index.php?title=East_Coast_Crips&oldid=124121. This gang derived from Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips and was formed in the late 1960s. Tell that to the Niggers I helped put in Jail 4 Months ago. Second, are the 59 East Coast Crips, which was founded on 59th Street and Hooper Ave. Have all of it you want in Guadalajara, you wetback scum. Theres no hand washing, no proper cleaning of dishes or food. The East Coast Crips fallunder the 2x card and are allies of Neighborhood Crips (NHC), this alliance is referred to as East Coast Neighborhood Crips.East Coast Crips are also allies of the Rollin Os (Crips), such as the Rollin 90s Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, and the Rollin 40s Crips. Despite the name's suggestion, the East Coast Crips retain no connections to the east coast of the United States, but rather it is in reference to being east of the 110 Harbor Freeway which acts as a divider between East Los Angeles and West Los Angeles. Florencia.13 coming for yall putos to cant hide and carson we coming mexican mafia green light on all cheese toast that includes u 190k, Cuzz this harlem 30$ crip i now live and oklahoma. Gyeah rite at dis commeknt cuzzo whkere does F-13k hang at I stay rolling thur Flowerk district and youll are nowhkere 2 ce found Fucc flowersk dis W/S UGC 227th st Evil-Bk said it Hkolla bacc flowerk & da 60s snatkchked youll worc but youll got pkressed on Florencek and crenshaw so youll just went after EC instead.. You are the dumbest most ignorant Nigger on this whole United Nigger kill Nigger Blog. The East Coast Crips brand is similar to a franchise, consisting of several independent street gangs. All cheese toast sets yea 190 u putos to scary black bitches yall big butt black bitches i like but u putos i dont i fuck black girls all day f13 fools, WHO U CALLN FAGG BITCH NIGGER KEEP MY HOOD OUTCHO BLACK DORTY AIDS MOUTH BITCH FO YU IT AINT MEXICAN KLAN ITS MEXICKAN.KILLING.NIGGERS SURENOS XIII GANG BITCH WERE U FRM BITCH THATS Y FLORENCE FUCKING U BITCHES UP N LEAVING HOES IN YO MOMMAS BLACK ASS HOMES XD ITS A MEXICAN WORLD BITCH U ARE SLAVES NIGGERS, 190 watch. But this online shit is not necessary if your really living that lifestyle. Now me personally I have seen a few gang members with legitimate businesses give job, Start Community projects and just all-around help people in they Naybor62hood. Almost none of them are here legally. The East Coast Crips(ECC) are one of the largest African-American organization located on the East Side of South Los Angeles, California. The East Coast Crips are currently engaged in a racial war with a Mexican-American street gang known as the Florencia 13. Have you ever seen a kitchen in Mexico? It is time for this country to defend its borders and keep every Juan, Jose, Julio, and Ramon where they belong. east coast crip territory map. Niggers were born to kill other Niggers. JEALOUSY. slave,property,Chair,sofa,foot stool,arm rest,etC. That should be an automatic health violation. Youre counting A LOT of mere associates who may KNOW some of those guys or hang around with them occasionally because they live in the same neighborhood. Urban Empire I.E. Crips & Bloods Gang Territory Map. By the early 1980s, nearly 30,000 gang members who repped either Crips or Bloods sets were now living in Los Angeles. Only a matter of time, my son. So to you Sgt Marina i never see anyone here bad mouthing you so deserve respect! Under Siege. Take care and be well. Kind. Go to Mexico and see the disgusting shacks those people are proud to call home. -Loc Town Crips Southside Stockton Crips. 20 of them packed into a two-bedroom apartment like the cockroaches they attract. LOL. I KNOW ABOUT UR WHITE BITCHASS SMOKER MOMMA AND THESE BROTHERS STAY SERVING YOUR DRUNK BOWLEGGED ASS MOTHER!! ALL THAT HARDCORE TUFF GUY SHITT DONT MATTER IF YOU STILL LIVING WITH MOMMY!! Get your minds right and learn before you have to go thru all kinds of bullshit. These days you drive down Staples Mill Road and there are all these Spanish stores. 3), David Kenner accusses Alex Alonso of recording Tory Lanez court hearing | Streets & Scholars podcast (Ep47), Defense exhibits introduced during Tory Lanez trial, Los Angeles Police Gang Enforcement Initiaitives 2007. STOP COSIGNING BITCH!! fuCC you anonymous,and thanks foe stating the obvious Captain obvious yeah I did put a k by a whole lot of hoods that you probably dont know the meaning of anyway and I got 4 easy questions foe you Watt does iCK mean? Rather fight and die than snitch. Low-riders up on blocks in the front yard. I hope your smart enough to get the point,and the only reason why I said Watt I said is CeCause your mother promised that she would stop suCCing,Choking,and gagging,on my diCC whiCh I love more than when your mother just suCCs,and Chokes,on my diCC,Cut your mother promised that she would stop suCCing,Choking,and gagging on my diCC if I didnt say that I would both piss on and nut on smittyrus testiCles so you C your mother bKlaCC mailed me and guess Watt I took that lil hoe I meant whore seriously you no semen having limp diCC (NIGGEr!!!!!! Thats really weak and no matter what race makes you look uneducated and stupid. get at me Barrett Downey on f.b or join my group on f.b Spirit of 76 free press. Thats all you think about all day long. Dead Homies DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. All East Coast Crips and Neighborhood Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) Poccet Hood Carson Crip . YALL DID A MUCH BETTER JOB THAN US HELL YALL STARTED THE SHIT;; That was the one time it happened and it was 150 years ago. Home; Uncategorized; east coast crip territory map; Posted on June 29, 2022; By . STOP TRYING TO EXPLAIN YOUR GAY ASS COMMENTS YOU BITCHMADE FAGGOT!! Thats what your fucking GANG COMMUNITY IS, you stupid idiot. Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire in order to get results. HIDING BEHIND A SCREEN. However, there isno evidence to support this theory. You sound jealous of him which is the BIGGEST FAULT of you Street Niggers. Black Gangs in Los Angeles from the 1920s, Brik Boy Crips (BBC) in Northside Long Beach, Rollin 20s Crips on the Eastside of Long Beach, Crip Gangs in Willowbrook, Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Crip Gangs in Florence, Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Rollin 100s Crip Alliance in South Los Angeles, 102 Ten Deuce Raymond Avenue Crips in Inglewood, Transcript of Tony Sims statement made to police March 23, 1979, Partial Transcript from Tony Sims testimony during his murder trial, April 14, 1981, Hoover Crips alliance and history in Los Angeles, Parc Village Compton Crips | Wilmington Arms Apartments, Original Corner Poccet Hood Compton Crips, Blood Gangs in Athens, Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Cross Atlantic Pirus (Eastside Compton / Lynwood), Elm Street Pirus on the Eastside of Compton, Leuders Park Pirus | LPP | Eastside Compton Pirus, Village Town Piru / Ujima Village Piru in Willowbrook adjacent to Compton, Avenue Piru Gang (APG) in Inglewood, California, Crenshaw Mafia Gangster, CMG in Inglewood, CA, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #5 | Crips Founder Raymond Washington, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #6 | Rapper Nipsey Hussle | Jan Brewer from Inglewood Family, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #1 | History of Athens Park Bloods, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #2 | Grape Street Crips & Bounty Hunters, AS IS Magazine, Issue #1 Freeway Rick Ross | Kay Slay, Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #3 The History of Neighborhood Bloods, AS IS Magazine, Issue #3 The Black Gangster: Larry Hoover, Stanley Tookie Williams, Fluckey Stokes, AS IS Magazine Issue #5 | Former Bank Robbery Chazz Williams | Curtis Scoon, AS IS Magazine, Issue #6 Flukey Stokes | Rick Ross |, AS IS Magazine, Issue #8 The Wayne Perry Story, AS IS Magazine, Issue #10 | Cocaine dealer Pablo Escobar | Paul Wall, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #22 | Harlems Jim Jones | Flukey Stokes Story, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #23 | Kevin Liles | Rapper Maino, after 10 years in prison, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #24 Irv Gotti Not Guilty, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #25 | Kevin Liles | Witness or Snitch |, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #26 | FBI declares Mara Salvatrucha (MS) most dangerous | Rick Ross the Boss, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #27 | Blood Diamonds | Young Jeezy | Making of AllHipHop.com, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #28 | Weed Guideline | Jamie Hector interview, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #29 | Fabolous Shot | Oaklands Young Don: Darryl little D Reed | Young Buck: beef with G Unit, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #30 | Wayne Perry, Washington DCs most violent killer | Kenneth Supreme McGriff | Mike Fray Salters, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #31 Bumpy Johnson, Barry Reese, Don Diva Magazine, Issue #35 Big Meech | BMF | Jim Jones, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #5 Tupac Shakur, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #7 Terrance Gangster Williams, F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #8 Michael Harry O Harris. one of the longest being the 3 decade long war with the Mad Swan Bloods gang to the south of their territory. By the early 21st century, there were upwards of 20,000 . fuCC you anonymous and fuCC the 20s nhb,20s nhb twinkie K bitCh,fuCC you you soft ass,gs,fuCC your stains and fuCC your lines too. CHRISTMAS NITE ON UNITED GANGS LOL LOL LMAO GOOD SHIT!! Wild animals live more cleanly and more civilized than these low life beaners. This is a Gang Site about Criminals. por | Jun 14, 2022 | efl on quest presenters today | hall ranch wyoming | Jun 14, 2022 | efl on quest presenters today | hall ranch wyoming Its basically a form a domestic TERRORISM. where was alienated filmed, weatherology jennifer,
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